People connected with the film

There are several interesting people connected with our film. We chose some of them and would like to share their destinies with you. You can read here about the main protagonist, the controversial Croatian film director Lordan Zafranović, and his best collaborator, the Serbian writer and scriptwriter Mirko Kovač; or about Lordan's former big enemies, magazine "Polet" cinephiles Nenad Polimac and Denis Kuljiš; about the famous Czech actor and President of the Karlovy Vary IFF, Jiří Bartoška, who starred in Lordan's Czech film Vengeance Is Mine; And also about the makers of our documentary, writer/director Pavo Marinković, one of the top Croatian editors, Dubi Slunjski, and Czech producer Julietta Sichel. We also include their photos from the times when "Occupation" was made and from today.