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Denis Kuljiš

Born in Split, Croatia, in 1951, Kuljiš studied linguistics and sociology at the Zagreb Faculty of Philosophy. He started publishing in 1972. At the time of  the famous "Occupation in 26 Pictures" scandal in 1978. Kuljiš was the deputy editor in chief of "Polet" .

In our documentary, he says about Occupation: "Zafranović’s film was a mystification. It was an insult to everyone who knew what had been happening there. We could say that it is an artistic truth or an artistic metaphor of the occupation as such, but it was arbitrary, and there were living witnesses who weren’t comfortable with it..."

On the circumstances around the "scandal", he comments: "Ivica Račan called us to his home and all night long he nagged us with political stories in which he was explaining to us that it doesn’t matter what we meant and what we wanted or what the movie is like. That’s secondary. The Party supports the movie and if we oppose the movie, we oppose the Party and no matter what the convictions are, we are on the other side. Suddenly "Polet” had to repent and it realized that it couldn’t go everywhere, that there were limits for "Polet”. Polimac, although not officially, worked on television as an expert associate for the film program. He had a position there, but all the rest of us were treated as young people who were honest and leftists, but have made a mistake and now have to be saved. That was a famous slogan of the time: "Condemn the phenomenon, save the man."

So, after the scandal, Kuljiš got some discipline measures through the Communist Party but could publish soon afterwards.  In 1980 he got a job in "Vjesnik", at that time the most important Croatian daily. He also worked as editor and journalist in different magazines. In 1989, together with his partners, Kuljiš founded Media Press, a private enterprise which started the first private Croatian political weekly magazine "Globus". For 5 years he was editor in chief of Globus.

In that time Media Press reshaped to the strongest media enterprise Europa Press Holding, and Kuljiš started weekly magazines Gloria and OK. After that he left Europa Press Holding and with some shareholders initiates a political weekly magazine Nacional. After his enemies took over the company and kicked him out, with his own money he starts magazine Ultra which fails. He returned to Europa Press Holding as a board advisor, working at the same time as a columnist and editor.

He was sacked again in 2012.

Today he is unemployed.

During his entire career, he has been attacked from various political positions.:as a Yugo-officer’s son, as an urban racist, as a member of UDBA (Yugoslav secret police), as a hater of people of Hercegovina, as a falsificator...

Although he is stylistically one of the best Croatian columnists and is well known for his sharp polemic style, Kuljiš has never received any rewards or awards for his work.

His books:

  • Majmuni, gangsteri i heroji, novinski tekstovi i feljtoni (Zagreb, 2001; Beograd, 2002)
  • Dva pamfleta protiv Tuđmana (Naklada Jesenski i Turk, Zagreb, 2005)
  • Majmuni, gangsteri,heroji, geniji, lupeži & papci; satirične biografije poznatih Hrvata, Zagreb 2005
  • Ad hominem, 2006